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U.S. Supreme Court Brief
U.S. Supreme Court Brief
Washington Court of Appeals Brief
Washington Court of Appeals Brief

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Excellence in Writing Matters

Jeff Teichert is an experienced and effective legal writer. Mr. Teichert is the author of many scholarly articles, lectures, and speeches which are more fully referenced in his curriculum vita.

Jeff Teichert and United States Supreme Court Justice Jeff Teichert with United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

During his legal career, Mr. Teichert has filed briefs in the United States Supreme Court, federal courts of appeal, federal district courts, the Washington State Court of Appeals, and a variety of federal administrative tribunals. From 1994 to 1996, he served as a Judicial Law Clerk to the Chief Justice of American Samoa where he assisted in drafting numerous judicial opinions.

Mr. Teichert completed a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree at George Washington University emphasizing legal history, environmental law, and advanced jurisprudence, graduating "with highest honors" and earning an "A" on his thesis. In courses where the grade was based on written paper; Mr. Teichert's grade point average was 4.12 (A+).

In 2006, as a candidate for the Washington Court of Appeals, Mr. Teichert earned many endorsements including:

• Washington Supreme Court Justice J.M. Johnson
• Former United States Senator and Washington Attorney General Slade Gorton,
• County Sheriffs, State Legislators, County Council Members
• The Washington State Farm Bureau
• The Washington State Building Industry Association
and a variety of other distinguished citizens and influential organizations
• The bi-partisan Constitutional Law PAC rated Mr. Teichert "well qualified" to serve on the Court of Appeals

Praise for Jeff's Work

"Jeff was asked to organize and litigate unusually difficult and complex lawsuits, including one amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court. Jeff's written work was excellent. It was always thoroughly researched, well written and well thought out. Of the attorneys that I have supervised and opposed, I think there are few whose research and writing abilities match Jeff's skills."
L. Eric Lundgren, Attorney at Law

"Mr. Teichert exhibited excellent research, writing and analytical skills. He was also very creative in his thinking and writing. This firm deals in areas of the law which are complicated and do not include a great deal of case precedent. There is also a substantial amount of statutory and regulatory interpretation that is associated with this practice of law. Mr. Teichert was able to review complicated legal and factual scenarios and develop sound legal and policy arguments for our clients."
Karen J. Budd-Falen, Senior Partner, Budd-Falen Law Offices, PC

"I can honestly say that Mr. Teichert provided excellent work product for us. He analyzed legal issues thoroughly and insightfully. He wrote opinions, orders, briefs and other documents succinctly, logically, and with admirable clarity."
The Honorable Lyle L. Richmond, High Court of American Samoa